Don't get taken for a ride


Going somewhere?

If you have recently experienced a taxi driver refusing your fare, not using a meter or overcharging by demanding a set fare, report it by calling the Point to Point Transport Commissioner’s 24-hour Taxi Fare Hotline – 1800 500 410. When providing feedback, please have ready as much information as possible including number plate, taxi company, date, time, and location. This will help your call to be referred to the right taxi company for immediate action.  

Whether you’re looking to travel a short or long distance, catching a taxi, rideshare or other hire vehicle is a safe and efficient way to travel in NSW. 

You can prebook a taxi, a rideshare or other hire vehicles over the phone or via an app, hail a taxi or simply wait at a taxi rank for the next available ride.

Seems rather simple, however, there may be a couple of things you might not be aware of which can help ensure you don’t get taken for a ride. 

  • Passengers should never accept a ride from someone who approaches them claiming to be a driver. This is known as touting; it is illegal and frequently happens at airports.
  • All taxi, rideshare and other hire vehicle drivers must meet a set of criteria to ensure they are eligible to carry out passenger services and are compliant with the point to point transport law. This is what helps to keep passenger services in NSW safe.
  • If someone approaches you to offer a passenger service for a flat fee, you can assume that this driver has not undertaken the correct checks, does not operate for an authorised service provider and it is likely you’re about to be overcharged.  

Have you recently witnessed or experienced unsafe behaviour?

Everyone who experiences or witnesses criminal behaviour in a point to point transport vehicle is urged to contact the police.

Share these safety tips — these are simple safety measures that can help everyone to get home safely.