Become authorised

Taxi and Booking Service Providers must be authorised by the Point to Point Transport Commissioner to provide passenger services in NSW.

Applications need to meet tough new standards that are designed to maintain the safest possible operating environment for drivers and passengers.

Applications for authorisation can be made by individuals, partnerships and corporations directly to the Point to Point Transport Commissioner, who has the power to reject an application, or vary, suspend or cancel an existing authorisation.

Penalties of up to $110,000 apply for anyone providing an unauthorised taxi or booking service, while drivers will face penalties if they take bookings or carry out passenger services from unauthorised service providers. Penalties are much higher for second or subsequent offences.

Read the apply for authorisation page for more information.
Applications can be submitted using the Industry Portal.

Stay authorised

Once authorised, Taxi Service Providers and Booking Service Providers are responsible for ensuring they are operating their businesses legally under the new point to point transport law in NSW and comply with any specified conditions imposed on their authorisation.

More information about what authorised service providers need to do can be found on the conditions of authorisation page.

Download the following fact sheets:

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