Commission services

The safety of the point to point transport industry is our priority. We are committed to working together to achieve safer point to point transport in NSW.

Our services are designed to make it easy for the taxi, hire vehicle, ridesharing, and similar services to comply with the law and run their businesses in NSW.

Our focus is to promote a culture of industry accountability for safety. We advise and inform the industry of their legal obligations and work to ensure participants have the knowledge, capability and confidence to meet those requirements.

We take a risk-based approach toward ensuring the industry is operating legally under the new laws. However, enforcement action will be taken on a case-by-case basis depending on the level of non-compliance.

We also work in partnership with other agencies to ensure the safety of the point to point industry, including Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), the State Insurance Regulatory Authority and NSW Police. 

The Point to Point Transport Commission assists Taxi and Booking Service Providers to:

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