City2Surf - Road closure and special event clearways

Start date

The annual City2Surf 14km fun run returns on Sunday 13 August with up to 80,000 participants expected to take to the streets between the city and Bondi.

Key roads around the Hyde Park start area in the Sydney CBD start closing from as early as 3.30am with major roads closed along the course between the city and Bondi Beach from 6am. Heavy traffic is expected while roads are closed, so expect delays and allow plenty of extra travel time.

Roads begin progressively reopening from 11.30am in the city, 12pm at Edgecliff, 1pm at Rose Bay, 2pm at Vaucluse & Dover Heights and 4pm at Bondi Beach.

Special event clearways will be in effect along both sides of the 14km course, and on surrounding roads, check signs carefully as clearways are strict no-parking zones for all vehicle types.

Service providers should advise drivers of the road closures in place and to check signs before parking or stopping as vehicles parked in Special Event Clearways will be towed and fines may apply.

See the TfNSW - City2Surf 2023 interactive map for detailed road closures, clearways and changed access arrangements.

Key road closures:

  • Sydney CBD between 3.30am and 12pm: sections of College St, Macquarie St, St James Rd, Park St and William St.
  • Woolloomooloo to Edgecliff from 6am to 12pm: William St from Yurong St through to New South Head Rd at Ocean Ave. No access to the city via New South Head Rd west of Ocean St until 12pm, alternate route via Oxford St.
  • Double Bay to Rose Bay from 7am to 1pm: New South Head Rd from Ocean Ave to Dover Rd.
  • Rose Bay to North Bondi from 7am to 2pm: New South Head Rd from Dover Rd to Old South Head Rd, Old South Head Rd from New South Head Rd to Oceanview Ave and Military Rd from Old South Head Rd to Blair St.
  • Bondi Beach between 6am and 4pm: Campbell Pde between Francis St and Hall St from 7am.
  • Bondi Junction from 9am to 3:30pm: sections of Grafton St, Grosvenor St and Oxford St. Bondi Rd will also be heavily congested with hundreds of buses transporting thousands of participants between the beach and the junction. Motorists are strongly encouraged to avoid unnecessary travel on Bondi Rd.

Medland-Bamford Ramp and the Hugh Bamford Carpark at North Bondi will be closed with Special Event Clearways in place from 4pm Saturday 12 August to 2pm Sunday 13 August.

For detailed information on the road closures, clearways and real-time updates on traffic conditions visit Live Traffic NSW

See the road closures and clearways PDF maps:

Taxi rank changes and rideshare restrictions

Due to road closures, the taxi rank on Grosvenor St, Bondi Junction, will be closed and relocated to the western side of Bronte Rd between Spring St and (opposite) Gray St. The bus stop opposite Gray St will be operational and taxi drivers are requested to avoid impacting the bus zone (bus stop 202225 Oxford St Mall, Bronte Rd - open).

An overflow taxi rank will be located on the western side of Bronte Rd between Ebley St and (opposite) Allens Pde, one block south. The bus stop at this location will be closed to create the overflow space (bus stop 202234 Bronte Rd opposite Allens Pde - closed).

Special Event Clearways will be in operation at these temporary taxi ranks, with an exception for taxis only.

Point to Point operators should avoid travelling on Bondi Rd between 9am and 3:30pm as hundreds of buses will be operating along the corridor to transport participants to Bondi Junction after the event.

In addition the route 333 bus will be operating to Bondi Beach via Bondi Rd eastbound and westbound.

Drivers are requested to cross Bondi Rd at signalised intersections and pick up and drop off customers in local side streets instead.

North/south signalised intersections across Bondi Rd include Denham St, Ocean St / Ocean St North, and Bennett St / Penkivil St.

Exclusion zone and geo-fence restrictions will be in place at the following locations on Sunday 13 August:

  • All closed roads from Sydney CBD to Bondi Beach and Bondi Junction.
  • Bondi Rd – no travel on Bondi Rd eastbound/westbound between Council St and Dudley St. Travel via Birrell St and Old South Head Rd instead from 9am to 3:30pm.
  • Francis St – south of Lucius St
  • Lamrock Ave – east of Sir Thomas Mitchell Rd
  • O’Brien St – east of Glenayr Ave
  • Curlewis St – east of Gould St
  • Ramsgate Ave – east of Gould St
  • Gould St – south of Curlewis St
  • Warners Ave – east of Gould St

Note: Wheelchair-accessible taxis can enter the exclusion zone to pick up and drop off customers with accessibility needs on the southern side of Warners Ave between Wairoa Ave and the mid-block pedestrian crossing, outside Bondi Beach Public School. Approach via Ramsgate Ave eastbound, right Wairoa Ave, right Warners Ave. General drop off and pickup, and parking, is not available at this location.

Wheelchair-accessible taxis are not permitted to enter closed roads. Customers need to be advised to identify a drop off and pick up point outside closed roads.

Drivers are reminded to pick up and drop off passengers outside of the exclusion zone and away from closed roads.

Geo-fence request

To support the exclusion zone, Transport for NSW is requesting taxi and rideshare service providers implement an exclusion zone or ‘geo-fence’ at Bondi Beach. For service providers who do not have the capabilities to implement a geo-fence, it is essential that the exclusion zones are clearly

Local access & vehicle crossover points

Crossover points along the course will be maintained for local access until 7am and 7:15am only, after these times no vehicle access is available until roads have reopened.

  • Woolloomooloo: Crown St at William St two-way crossover open until 7:15am
  • Darlinghurst: Victoria St / Darlinghurst Rd and Ward Ave crossover (remains open throughout event). Access to Cross City Tunnel and Craigend St (westbound only) is maintained via McLachlan Ave.
  • Darling Point: Exit only one-way from New Beach Rd to Neild Ave open until 7am
  • Edgecliff: Exit only one-way from Ocean Ave to Ocean St open until 7:15am
  • Double Bay: Exit only one-way from Cross St to Bellevue Rd until 7:15am
  • Vaucluse: Towns Rd / Vaucluse Rd at New South Head Rd two-way crossover open until 7:15am
  • Vaucluse/Watsons Bay: Exit only one-way from Old South Head Rd at New South Head Rd until 7:15am
  • North Bondi/Bondi Beach: Exit only one-way from Brighton Blvd and Ramsgate Ave at Campbell Pde open until 7am.

Parking restrictions

Special event clearways are strict no-parking zones and will be in effect on both sides of the entire 14km course. These clearways apply even to all vehicle types, and to local residents and TfNSW Mobility Scheme Permit holders:

Note some clearways will be in effect from the day before event (Saturday 12 August) this year - check signs carefully.

  • North Bondi and Rose Bay between 4pm Saturday 12 and 4pm Sunday 13 August on sections of Warners Ave and O'Sullivan Road. 
  • North Bondi on Medland Bamford Ramp and Hugh Bamford Reserve carpark between 4pm Saturday 12 and 2pm Sunday 13 August
  • Sydney CBD to Rose Bay from 1am to 12pm: College St, Elizabeth St, Park St, Macquarie St and sections of Castlereagh St, Clarence St, Wentworth Ave and Hunter St. Both sides of William St/New South Head Rd from College St in the city through to Dover Rd in Rose Bay.
  • Rose Bay to North Bondi from 1am until 4pm: both sides of New South Head Rd, Old South Head Rd, Military Rd and Campbell Pde.
  • Bondi/North Bondi from 1am until 4pm: both sides of Bondi Rd from Old South Head Rd to Sandridge St, Old South Head Rd from Syd Einfeld Dr to Blair St, sections of Mitchell Rd and Warners Ave.
  • Bondi Beach from 1am until 4pm: both sides of Campbell Pde, Bondi Rd, Lamrock Ave and sections of Curlewis St, Gould St, Roscoe St, Wairoa Ave and Warners Ave.

Check signs carefully on the day and the night before as vehicles left in signposted clearways will be towed and a fee applies. If your vehicle is towed, call 132 701 to find its new location.

More info

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