Coffs Harbour P2P Taxi Licence Transition Workshop

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As you may be aware, the NSW Government passed a package of industry reforms in order to support the point to point transport industry to provide further choice and increase the availability of services for customers.

Under the reforms, the taxi industry will move to a new taxi licensing framework.

Under the new laws, the person or company who operates the taxi service (taxi licence holders)  will need to have a licence in their name and transition to a new licence.

The Commission will manage the transition to the new licensing framework for licence owners and taxi service operators.  Commencing 1 February, a transition period will commence to allow taxi licence owners and those currently operating a taxi service to transition to the new system.

We are here to support you through the transition process

The Commissioner’s team are holding a series of regional and metropolitan-based information sessions and workshops to provide one on one support for taxi licence holders looking to gain further information and/or assistance. During these workshops, team members will be available for one on one 15 minute sessions to assist with understanding how the changes affect individuals and how to transition to a new taxi licence.

Date and Time

Fri., 24 February 2023, 10:00 am – 2:30 pm AEDT


C.ex Coffs 
2-6 Vernon Street
Coffs Harbour NSW 2068

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All events will be COVID safe. Social distancing guidelines will be followed and there will be hand sanitiser provided and masks available. 

If you require assistance booking a one on one session, please email