Every ride should be a safe ride

Both passengers and drivers should always feel safe using point to point transport – every ride should be a safe ride.

Here are a few simple checks and steps to make when using point to point transport to make sure you and your driver reach your destination safely.

Top Safety tips

1. Check your ride​

If you booked a taxi or rideshare service in advance, check that the car you’re getting into is the one you’re supposed to be in – make sure the number plate and car make and colour is the one your booking says it is.

2. Match before you catch

If you’ve booked using an app make sure the photo of the driver on the app matches the person driving the car or if you’re getting into a taxi make sure the driver has their driver ID on display. You should also make sure the driver knows your name and your destination.

3. Share with those who care 

Once you are in your taxi, hire car or rideshare vehicle share the details of your journey with a friend or family member.

4. You can go your own way

Talk with your driver about the route he or she is planning to take, and tell the driver if there’s a route you know and would like to go.

5. Entering and exiting the vehicle safely

Wait for your ride in a safe place. Your booking app should let you know when your vehicle is approaching so there is no need to wait on the street. Also, make sure you are dropped off in a safe place and before exiting check there are no cars, pedestrians, cyclists or scooters coming.

6. Seek out a secure rank

When catching a taxi at a rank on Friday or Saturday evenings, use secure taxi ranks as security guards are on duty to help ensure your safety. If hailing a taxi or catching one at a taxi rank make sure you take note of the taxi company, registration number and check your driver is displaying his or her driver identification. Find a list of secure ranks in Sydney and regional NSW here.

7. It’s ok to be a back seat passenger

Sitting in the back of your vehicles ensures you can exit safely to avoid moving traffic and it also gives you and your driver more room. Don’t worry, your driver can still join in the Christmas carol singing!

8. Use the safety features on your booking

Most booking apps have a number of safety features you can utilise. Get to know these features and how your service provider is supporting your safety.

9. Be a good passenger

It’s important that you feel safe in a taxi or a booked hire vehicle (including rideshare), it’s also important that you are a good passenger. Some of the things passengers must not do include soil or damage the vehicle; smoke; behave in an offensive manner; use offensive language. If you do, the driver has the right to refuse or terminate your journey.