Notifiable occurrences - glossary

The Point to Point Transport Act requires booking service providers and authorised taxi service providers to report certain types of incidents to the Point to Point Transport Commissioner. The systems to support this will be put in place in 2018 following consultation with industry, and if and when you are required to do anything, we will let you know well in advance.

The kinds of incidents that would need to be reported include:

  • an accident or incident associated with the provision of a passenger service that has, or could have caused death (whether it is the driver, passenger or another person)
  • an accident or incident involving a passenger vehicle  which results in a  person being  treated by ambulance officers or transported by ambulance, or admitted to hospital as a result of the injury
  • an accident or incident involving a passenger vehicle that results in a collision or impact with another vehicle, structure or person, which results in the vehicle being unable to continue its journey
  • a vehicle fault, that may include a failure of any brake, steering or suspension system, or wheels or tyres, which results in the vehicle not being able to commence or complete its journey
  • any incident involving a driver, passenger or intended passenger of a passenger vehicle that results in a complaint being made to police involving an allegation of sexual assault, indecent exposure, physical assault, threatening behaviour (physical threat or intimidation against or by the driver)
  • where a driver, in the course of providing of a passenger service, is charged with a major traffic offence – such as predatory driving, police chase high-range speeding, positive drug test