Passenger service - glossary

Passenger service means the transport, by a motor vehicle (other than a bus), of passengers within, or partly within, NSW for a fare . This means that services provided in vehicles which seat twelve or fewer are passenger services. Taxi services are kinds of passenger services, as are services provided in hire vehicles.

The Act and the Regulation also specify which services are not passenger services. The following services are NOT passenger services:

  • community transport service 
  • A service conducted according to regular routes and timetables, or according to regular routes at regular intervals
  • A service conducted according to one or more regular routes, in which each passenger is transported for a distance of not less than 40 kilometres
  • A service which is generally provided off-road (that is, not on a road or a road related areas)
  • Services provided under the Assisted School Travel Program of the Department of Education
  • Services for patients in an ambulance or other transport for patients that is facilitated by a hospital, or on behalf of HealthShare NSW
  • Services provided for persons in custody by or on behalf of Corrective Services NSW is not a passenger service
  • Car pooling is not a passenger service

Other kinds of services which are not generally available to the public, or which are incidental to another kind of business, are also unlikely to be passenger services, such as:

  • a nursing home using a vehicle it owns to take residents to a doctor’s appointment
  • a club using its vehicles to provide a courtesy service to its members
  • a sea kayak tour company or surf school using its vehicle to provide transport to its clients from a pick up point (eg their accommodation) to the beach.