Taxi service provider - glossary

A taxi service is a passenger service that is provided in a taxi. This means that a passenger is transported in a taxi for a fare. The person who provides this service is a taxi service provider.

A provider of a taxi service can be an affiliated provider, a facilitator of a taxi service, or provide both the taxi service and the related services.

Facilitating a taxi service involves providing any of the following services under a common brand:

  • co-ordination of the provision of taxi services
  • provision, co-ordination or monitoring of security facilities for taxis
  • setting of fares for taxi services  
  • co-ordination or provision of safety management systems or taxi services

The Passenger Transport Act 1990 had taxi operators and taxi networks, which are the most similar to the concept of a taxi service provider. Except for in very limited circumstances, the 1990 Act did not permit taxi operators to provide their own security, branding and related services (such as booking services), they had to obtain these from taxi networks.

This has changed under the new law, so that if a taxi service provider wishes to arrange these things for themselves, under their own brand, they may.

Taxi service providers, other than affiliated providers, must be authorised by the Point to Point Transport Commissioner.