Industry Statistics

The Point to Point Transport Commissioner reports on various indicators and activities each month. The information on this page is current as at the end of each month reported.

Authorised Service Providers

  November 2018
  Authorised Service Providers
  Total Authorised Service Providers (ASP)               2,016
           Authorised Taxi Service Providers (TSP)                268
           Authorised Booking Service Providers (BSP)               1,748

To note, most Authorised Taxi Service Providers are also Authorised Booking Service Providers.

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Taxi Licences

  November 2018
  Taxi Licences
  Total Taxi Licences in NSW (including wheelchair accessible taxis)                7,009        
           Taxi Licences Metro (Sydney)                5,588
           Taxi Licences Non-metro                1,421
  Total Wheelchair Accessible Taxi (WAT) Licences in NSW                1,203
           WAT Licences Metro (Sydney)                903
           WAT Licences Non-metro                300
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Compliance Activities

Key compliance activities reported on include:

  • Advisory visits to service providers, which involve Commission staff providing advice and guidance to authorised service providers on compliance with the legislation
  • Audits (documented evaluation of authorised service providers compliance with safety duties and standards)
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Notifiable occurrences (service related accidents or incidents that service providers must report to the Commissioner), in the following categories:

   o  A - an accident or incident resulting in an injury being treated by an ambulance officer or at a hospital
   o  B - a collision that prevents a vehicle being used to provide a passenger service from completing its     journey
   o  C - a mechanical or other fault that prevents a vehicle being used for a passenger service from     completing its journey
   o  D - an incident involving driver/passenger/intended passenger that results in complaint to police of     sexual assault, indecent exposure, actual assault or physical threats or other intimidation
   o  E - an incident involving driver conduct that results in driver charged with a major offence within Road     Transport Act 2013

  • Enquiries - complaints/non-compliance reports
  November 2018
  Advisory visits​
  Number of advisory visits             12
  Number of audits             7
  Vehicle inspections
  Total vehicles inspected             69
  Taxis inspected             54
  Hire vehicles inspected              15
  Notifiable occurrences received
      Category A              7
      Category B              9
      Category D              10
  Total number              26
  Notifiable occurrences by vehicle type
  Taxis              16
  Hire Vehicles              10
  New enquiries received              48
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