Levy exemption & rebate: annual eligibility check

Authorised service providers can be given an exemption or rebate from the Passenger Service Levy based on the number of passenger service transactions they carry out annually. However, their eligibility needs to be checked every 12 months.



 0-150 passenger service transactions annually

 Note: The levy exemption also applies to passenger services that take place in, or start or end in a remote or very remote NSW



 151-400 passenger service transactions annually  $150, payable   annually
 Rebate  401-600 passenger service transactions $400, payable annually


The Point to Point Transport Commissioner checks that service providers who have received an exemption or rebate for a 12-month period remain eligible. These service providers will receive an email from the Commissioner about what they need to do.

 Levy Exemption  Did you receive a levy exemption in the past 12 months?    Check your ongoing eligibility
 Levy Rebate  Did you receive a levy rebate in the past 12 months?    Check your ongoing eligibility