Free Hand Sanitiser For all Point to Point Transport Drivers


The Point to Point Transport Commissioner, Anthony Wing is offering 10,000 units of free hand sanitiser to the point to point transport industry across New South Wales, to keep drivers and passengers safe and slow the spread of COVID-19.

The alcohol based hand sanitiser will be available to all point to point drivers including taxis, rideshare, hire vehicles and community transport vehicles, and will also be made available for their passengers use during their trip. 
Drivers are eligible for two free units of hand sanitiser, per week, until stock lasts, which is available for pick up from vehicle sanitisation stations.

Mr Wing said, “safety is always my number one priority and that is why we have rolled out this additional safety measure to be used in conjunction with other safe hygiene practices to prevent the spread of illness.”

“The use of alcohol-based hand sanitiser is advised between hand washes and after opening and closing doors, moving luggage, exchanging payment and after personal contact.

In addition to the 10,000 units of free hand sanitiser, drivers can also pick up their free COVID-19 clean up kits for the immediate clean-up of droplets and visit vehicle sanitisation stations.

All point to point transport drivers are encouraged to visit a vehicle sanitisation station located at 12 locations across regional and metropolitan NSW to pick up their free hand sanitiser, to keep themselves and their passengers safe,” said Mr Wing.

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Emma Barber  – Point to Point Transport Commission