Let's make every ride a safe ride!


As we head into the holiday period, the weather gets warmer and COVID-19 restrictions ease, an increase in patronage is expected with more people using taxis, hire vehicles and rideshare to get around.

The NSW Point to Point Transport Commissioner, Anthony Wing is encouraging all point to point transport passengers to use some simple tips to make sure they have a safe and positive experience getting to and from their destinations. 

"We want passengers and drivers to work together to make sure every ride is a safe ride, not just this holiday period but at every time of the year,” Mr Wing said.

“Safety is my top priority and our recommended safety tips are easy for passengers to use every time they travel in a taxi, hire car or ride share vehicle.”

“More and more people will be heading out to restaurants, celebrations, to visit friends or travel to and from the airport for a trip away, every ride in a rideshare, hire car or taxi should be a safe one,” Mr Wing said.  

  • When catching a taxi, hire vehicle or rideshare passengers should:
  • Make sure the car registration details match the booking confirmation
  • Check the driver’s name and photo
  • Use the service provider’s in app safety features
  • Let a friend know they are on their way
  • Sit in the back seat and wear a face mask
  • Be COVID safe – Don’t travel when feeling unwell and, if available, check-in to the vehicle by scanning the QR code

Anthony Wing said “After a year of restrictions and limited movement we are pleased NSW residents are getting out and about more but we want to remind them to do so in a safe way”. 

Let’s make every ride a safe ride! 
For more tips and information on how we are looking after safety see the Point to Point Transport Commissioner’s website.    


Emma Barber  – Point to Point Transport Commission