Point to point drivers prosecuted after compliance crackdown at Sydney Airport and Sydney Olympic Park


A crackdown by compliance teams has resulted in three point to point transport drivers being prosecuted for touting and soliciting passengers in Sydney.

The offenders have been convicted at the Downing Centre Local Court after being caught by authorised officers at Sydney Airport and Sydney Olympic Park.

Two offenders were caught touting and soliciting at the Sydney Domestic and International Terminals in December last year and March this year.

The first offender failed to attend Court on Tuesday 13 October, was convicted in his absence and fined $1,650. He was also ordered to pay $550 in legal costs to the Point to Point Transport Commissioner.

The second offender appeared in Court on Tuesday 13 October and was convicted and fined $880 plus ordered to pay $550 in legal costs.

The third offender, a taxi driver, was detected in January 2020 when he approached authorised officers and offered them a fare during a compliance campaign being carried out in the Sydney Olympic Park precinct. The driver was issued a penalty notice on the spot but elected to have the matter dealt with in court.

The third offender was convicted by the Court on Monday 19 October 2020 and fined $280 for touting and soliciting in a location other than Sydney Airport.

There is a maximum penalty for a touting and soliciting offence committed in the Sydney Airport precinct of $5,500. If the offence is committed elsewhere there is a maximum penalty of $550.

The Point to Point Transport Commissioner, Anthony Wing said, “These three incidents were detected as part of ongoing compliance activity by my team at the Sydney Airport precinct and around major events, where people are vulnerable to being touted.

Attempting to offer unlawful passenger services for a fee, known as touting, is not only an offence under point to point transport law, but also dangerous and a form of harassment”, Mr Wing said.

“Our compliance officers will continue to undertake covert and overt compliance activity for the safety of passengers in point to pointy transport vehicles and these outcomes show the courts are taking these matters seriously.

When a driver provides a trip to a passenger without a booking, there is no record of the trip, no record of the driver accepting a fare and the passenger could be placed at risk of being exploited. No one deserved to feel harassed and unsafe, that is why touting is illegal under Point to Point Transport law.

Passengers are reminded for their safety to only enter a pre-booked taxi, unless they have caught the taxi from a rank or hailed a taxi available for a fare. Taxis are equipped with safety equipment, including security cameras to provide safe rank and hail work in NSW.

My team will continue to carry out targeted compliance activity, focusing on high risk areas, with a vision for safer point to point transport to support my strategic priorities for the year”, Mr Wing said.

If an individual is found guilty of touting and soliciting more than once, they are disqualified from driving a vehicle to provide passenger services in NSW.

Emma Barber  – Point to Point Transport Commission