Before the courts: Driver fined for failure to display ID


A taxi driver was recently fined $330 at the Downing Centre Local Court for failure to display a taxi driver ID while available for hire.

Under the law, the driver of a taxi that plies or stands for hire on a road or road related area, must ensure that the driver’s identity document is displayed in the vehicle.

A penalty notice was issued to the driver when the breach took place in October 2019. The driver pleaded guilty and elected to have the matter dealt with by a court.

A fine of $330 was imposed (the original penalty notice was $300 and maximum penalty $5,500). Professional costs of $500 were also awarded in favour of the Commissioner.

The magistrate’s decision reflects there is no excuse for being lax with safety procedures when providing point to point passenger services.

Another court elect matter for the same offence is listed on 6 April 2020.