Point to Point Transport Commissioner launches 2020-21 priorities


Point to Point Transport Commissioner, Anthony Wing has announced his three strategic priorities for the year ahead, which include targeted compliance, effective and consistent regulation and streamlining services.

Point to Point Transport Commissioner, Anthony Wing said “These priorities have been developed to enable the point to point transport industry to effectively conduct their business while maintaining a focus on safety. They build on my vision for safer point to point transport and are a reflection on the increasing maturity of the industry in NSW”. 

For 2020/2021 our compliance will target identified higher risk areas to ensure taxis, hire vehicles including rideshare are meeting their obligations.

“This is based on what we found from the previous year and includes driver on boarding, safety management systems, preventative vehicle maintenance, illegal and unsafe driver behaviour and, finally, public health.”

“We will continue to use the full range of compliance activities, including targeted campaigns, safety audits, on-street compliance, advisory visits, investigations and prosecutions,” Mr Wing said.

Information about the Point to Point Transport Commissioner’s strategic priorities can be found by visiting the website here.