Report harassment

The safety of the point to point transport industry is our priority. We are committed to working together to achieve safer point to point transport in NSW.

Both passengers and drivers should always feel safe using point to point transport – every ride should be a safe ride. 

Harassment, including sexual harassment, and inappropriate behaviour in taxis, hire vehicles or rideshare should not be tolerated. It’s up to all of us to look out for each other, passengers and drivers should be safe and respected all the times.

What is harassment?

The Australian Human Rights Commission describes harassment as including behaviour such as:

  • telling insulting jokes about particular racial groups
  • sending explicit or sexually suggestive emails or text messages
  • displaying racially offensive or pornographic posters or screen savers
  • making derogatory comments or taunts about someone’s race
  • asking intrusive questions about someone’s personal life, including his or her sex life.

Reporting harrasment

If you experience or witness harassment please follow the steps below and report it as soon as possible to the police, the service provider or the Point to Point Transport Commissioner.

  1. Before reporting harassment or inappropriate behaviour it is important to consider if the behaviour was criminal, such as if the incident involved an assault or a sexual assault. If so, we encourage you to report it to the police immediately, or contact your nearest Police Station.
  2. If the behaviour experienced was unwelcome, steps should be taken to contact the taxi or hire vehicle's service provider with a view to them addressing the matter. It is important to note the details and name of the service provider you booked the service thorugh or take note of the name of the taxi service  provider when you hail a taxi or take one from a rank.

You can find a list of service providers and their contact details on our website.

You may also contact the Point to Point Transport Commissioner’s Industry Contact Centre (ICC) for assistance on 131727 or by using the online feedback form on our website.

In order to action your complaint, the Commissioner will need information that allows us to:

  • identify the service provider (such as the taxi company or hire vehicle/rideshare company) – please include any action that you have taken to resolve the issue with the service provider.
  • identify the exact nature of the safety issues/concerns for example:
    • the date, time and place where the issues arose
    • what actually occurred and who was involved
    • the identification of the driver
    • the identification and contact details of any witnesses
    • any photos taken including details of who took the photo, time, date and place where the photo was taken
    • if the driver issued you with a receipt, a copy of the receipt
    • any other information that will assist us to respond appropriately to the safety issue is also appreciated
    • The source of the complaint/request will not be given to the service provider involved unless you consent or unless this is required in order to resolve the issue. If you choose to remain anonymous when speaking to us, it is not possible to seek further information from you or provide feedback to you after we have followed up.

Safety tips

1.    Identify your vehicle and driver 

It is important that you identify the vehicle and your driver before stepping into the car.
Your booking confirmation should include information that will help you identify your vehicle and driver, like the car make and model, the registration plate number and the driver’s name. You should ask your booking service provider to provide the vehicle registration number and your driver’s name if not already included in the booking confirmation details. 

If you hailed a taxi or hired one from a rank, note the taxi’s service provider (e.g. the taxi company, which can be identified by the decals on the vehicle). Also, ensure your driver has his or her ID displayed and take note of who is driving. 

2.    Choose a safe pick up and drop off location
Your booking app might recommend a nearby ‘pick-up spot’ or multiple ‘quick pick-up’ points. When choosing your own pick-up location, find spots that are not in isolated areas, well-lit at night and try to avoid locations where your mobile service is out of range. 

3.    Find a secure taxi rank
Secure taxi ranks operate late on Friday and Saturday nights in busy locations across the state, and security guards are on duty to ensure the safety of customers and drivers. Find information on secure taxi ranks at

4.   Do not make an instant booking for a hire vehicle stopped on a street or at a pick-up location
Passengers should not make an instant booking with a driver where a vehicle has stopped on a street. Only taxis are legally allowed to pick up passengers from ranks or be hailed in the street.

5.    Familiarise yourself with and use safety features in your booking app
Your booking service provider may have implemented some valuable safety features in your booking app.  It is important that you familiarise yourself with these and use the safety features provided in the app. 

6.    Keep your personal information confidential
 There’s no harm in exchanging greetings with your driver, but avoid giving him or her any personal information, like how long you’re traveling for, if you live alone, your phone number or any other contact information.

7.    Know your surroundings and stay alert
If you’re in an unfamiliar city or area, be sure to track your route on your own app to ensure the driver is following the correct route. Stay alert and awake throughout your journey and avoid headphones in both ears. 

8.    Drivers, know your obligations and how to keep you and your passengers safe
Drivers of taxis and hire vehicles must take reasonable care for their own health and safety as well as others. Please read our Driver Obligation factsheet for more information.

9.    Sit in the back 
Sitting in the back seat gives you and your driver more space. It allows you to enjoy your trip and ensures you can safely exit on either side of the vehicle to avoid moving traffic.

10.   Respect your driver and respect your passenger/s
All people travelling in a point to point vehicle must be treated with respect regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, dress or age.  

11. Steps to take if you need to report criminal or unwanted behaviour.
Passengers and drivers, if at any stage during a trip you are concerned for your safety you should call 000. All criminal behaviour should be reported to the police and any unwanted behaviour can be reported to the service provider or to the Point to Point Transport Commissioner’s Industry Contact Centre. You can report via our online form.