Driver Sanitisation Kits

Driver Sanitisation Packs now available

Individual Driver Sanitisation Packs are now available for all authorised service providers.   

Authorised service providers are able to request Driver Sanitisation Packs via the Industry Portal.

The packs include: masks, gloves, wipes, hand sanitiser and Rapid Antigen Tests. These easy to access and use packs mean that drivers are able to sanitise their vehicles conveniently and efficiently and keep COVID safe. 

To make an order, service providers can simply login to the Industry Portal, navigate to the Activities tab on the Account page, and place their order by clicking on the “Order items” button. Service providers will need to distribute the driver sanitisation kits to drivers.

Driver Sanitisation Packs

The Driver Sanitisation Packs are available in two sizes. When placing your order, you'll be able to select from Small or Large. See below for detailed Driver Sanitisation Pack contents:

Masks and other COVID safe practices, such as encouraging passengers to sit in the back seat and opening windows when able, remain in place as effective safety measures for minimising the spread of COVID-19. These measures are informed by the health advice around aerosol transmission now being the key risk.

Masks remain mandatory in all point to point transport vehicles

Mask wearing continues to be mandatory in all point to point transport vehicles for drivers and passengers across NSW.
Drivers and passengers are required to wear a mask when travelling in taxis, hire vehicles (including rideshare) when a passenger service is being provided. This includes at a rank or rideshare pickup/ drop off area.
Mandatory mask wearing does not apply to:

  • Children 12 and under
  • Persons with a physical or mental health illness or condition, or disability that makes wearing a fitted face covering unsuitable including, for example, a skin condition, an intellectual disability, autism or trauma.

The Public Health Order on mandatory mask wearing requires anybody with an exemption to carry evidence of their exemption on them at all times. This is so proof of exemption can be provided at any time on request to an enforcement officer. Evidence can be:

  • a medical certificate
  • other written evidence signed by a registered health practitioner or a registered NDIS provider
  • a statutory declaration by the person.
  • The evidence must set out the medical condition, or disability which makes wearing a mask unsuitable.
    For more information on the latest health advice, visit