Smart CCTV

Project overview

Smart CCTV cameras at taxi ranks are being rolled out at selected locations throughout NSW as part of a trial expansion in collaboration with the Transport for NSW Open data team. The initial trial was conducted at Central Station where the technology was trialled successfully. For more information on the initial trial read the news article

The Commissioner and Transport for NSW are rolling out more cameras with the intention to monitor safety, inform on usage, driver and passenger activity and safety. The system will aim to improve service efficiency and safety at each location. This trial is underpinned by the Point to Point Transport Commissioner's strategic priorities and the aim is to ensure the safest possible point to point services are being delivered for drivers, passengers and the community.


The Commissioner is working with local councils to identify appropriate taxi ranks to be part of the trial. These trial locations will be made available to view as the end of the selection process.


Why are more cameras being rolled out across the state?

Based on the proof of concept at Central Station, it is anticipated the CCTV cameras will be able to:

  • Classify types of vehicles as either a ‘taxi’ and ‘non- taxi’ vehicle
  • Capture images to identify private vehicles and other non-taxis illegally stopping at taxi ranks 
  • Check night time taxis are not illegally using taxi ranks, outside normal hours of operation
  • Identify double parking at taxi ranks
  • Monitor patronage including approximate people counts and passenger flow at a specific rank 
  • Monitor rank usage patterns including peak times for taxis and passengers, to better inform service demand decisions for drivers and passengers  
  • Identify service gaps for passengers who are waiting at ranks where there are no available taxi services

Will the footage captured be secure? 

The footage captured on CCTV cameras will be securely stored, and deleted after 30 days. Raw footage deemed necessary for investigation will be managed in a secure system by an Authorised Compliance officer in line with current Commissioner compliance and privacy procedures.

Can footage captured by taxi rank Smart CCTV cameras be supplied as evidence in court? 

Only footage that has been deemed necessary for investigation can be supplied in a raw form. All other footage captured by Smart CCTV at a taxi rank will receive a face blurring treatment. 

What is Open Data and the Open Data hub?

Open Data is information that is open to the public. It allows innovators and entrepreneurs access to government data to allow for third parties to develop new products and services for customers. For more information about Open Data and the OpenData hub please visit their website.

Who can I contact to ask more about the Smart CCTV trial?

For more information about the trial expansion please email: