Safety complaints

Before raising a safety issue with the Commissioner, constructive steps should be taken to contact the service provider with a view to them addressing the matter. That is why it is important for you to note the details and name of the service provider that you booked the service through or to take note of the name of the taxi service provider when you hail a taxi or take one from a rank.

These steps include:

  • reporting the issue verbally to the service provider

  • reporting the issue through the service provider's website/online feedback mechanism

  • reporting the issue to the police of the safety issue was serious, for example, you believe the taxi driver had been drinking.

If these courses of action are unsuccessful, you can contact the Point to Point Transport Commissioner's Industry Contact Centre for assistance on 131 727 or by using the Industry Contact Centre online feedback form on the website

In order to action your complaint, the Commissioner will need information that allows us to:

  • Identify the service provider (such as the taxi company or hire vehicle/rideshare company) - please include any action that you have taken to resolve the issue with the service provider.
  • Identify the exact nature of the safety issues/concerns for example:
    • the date, time and place where the issues arose
    • what actually occurred and who was involved
    • the identification of the driver
    • the identification and contact details of any witnesses
    • any photos taken including details of who took the photo, time, date and place where the photo was taken
    • if the driver issued you with a receipt, a copy of the receipt
    • any other information that will assist us to respond appropriately to the safety issue is also appreciated.

Authorised Officers will not reveal the source of the complaint/request to the service provider involved unless you consent or unless this is required in order to resolve the issue. If you choose to remain anonymous when speaking to us, it is not possible for an Authorised Officer to seek further information from you or provide feedback.