Notifiable Occurrences

Notifiable occurrences refer to an accident or incident that booking service providers and taxi service providers must report to the Point to Point Transport Commissioner as soon as practicable after the provider becomes aware of the accident or incident.

Maintaining a record of these incidents is vital to ensure that the industry limits and reduces the number of safety incidents that occur in the point to point transport industry.

What is a notifiable occurrence?

It is required by law that taxi and booking service providers report occurrences of a serious nature that affect a passenger service. A notifiable occurrence is:

  1. an accident or incident that results in an injury treated by an ambulance officer or needs to be treated at a hospital
  2. a collision involving a passenger service vehicle that results in damage that prevents the completion of the journey in that vehicle
  3. a mechanical fault that prevents the vehicle completing its journey
  4. an incident that results in a complaint being made to police regarding sexual assault, indecent exposure, actual assault or physical threats or other intimidation
  5. an incident that results in the driver being charged with a major offence under the Road Transport Act 2013.

Who needs to notify?

Taxi and booking service providers must notify the Point to Point Transport Commissioner of a notifiable occurrence. If an incident involves more than one service provider, both service providers must report the incident to the Commissioner.

The service provider must make a record of a notifiable occurrence in their Safety Management System and use this information to check and review existing controls. If an incident does not require notification at first, but progresses to the point where it would warrant notification, the Commissioner must be notified.

How to report a notifiable occurrence

All notifiable occurrences must be reported via the Industry Portal as soon as practicable after the provider becomes aware of the accident or incident. Below is the detail required when notifying the Point to Point Transport Commissioner.

Part A Notifying organisation details Include the details of the organisation and the person completing the form
Part B Occurrence details Where and when the occurrence happened, and what type of occurrence it was. Include details of when you became aware of the occurrence
Part C Occurrence description Describe the occurrence in full, including as much detail as possible. Include the chain of events and specific information. Identify any causes or contributing factors. Clarify what actions have been taken already to prevent an occurrence such as this happening in the future.