Taxi licences in NSW

What are taxi licences?

All taxis must be licensed in NSW to provide a taxi service. A taxi licence gives a person (an individual, partnership or body corporate) the right to register and use a motor vehicle as a taxi.

Holders of taxi licences must comply with their safety duties. The holder must ensure that the taxi operates within the safety standards of the law and the Safety Management System set out by their authorised service provider.

Financial penalties of up to $110,000 apply for people offering a taxi service without a licence. For subsequent breaches, a further financial penalty of up to $110,000 applies in addition to 12 months imprisonment or both.

Who is the holder of a taxi licence?

Under the Point to Point Transport (Taxi and Hire Vehicles) Act 2016, a taxi licence holder is the person or corporation/ partnership who operates a taxi service, either using a licence they own or one they lease from someone else.

Holders of taxi licences have obligations relating to the safety standards for vehicles used as taxis. Information about these safety standards can be found on the Safety Standards for Taxis page and in the Safety Standards for Taxis fact sheet. 

How do I apply for a taxi licence?

All taxi licence applications will be managed through the Point to Point Transport Commissioner’s industry portal. There is a transitional period beginning 1st Feb, 2023 during which only existing taxi licence holders are able to apply. After this transitional period anyone may apply.