Transferring taxi licences

Ordinary taxi licences can be transferred or bought and sold.  All other types of taxi licences may be transferred in certain circumstances, such as when the owner dies. The table below shows the different types of licences and transfer methods. 

Which licences can be transferred and in what circumstances?

The below table outlines the taxi licences and circumstances in which they can be transferred.

Licence Type Sale Gift Death of Licence Holder Court Order (inc divorce) Joint Tenant Transfer
Annual taxi licence (including WAT licence)
Issued under the Act or Passenger Transport Act 1990
Ordinary taxi licence (including WAT licence)
Issued under the Passenger Transport Act 1990 or earlier Acts
Issued under the Passenger Transport Act 1990
Nexus and Paired taxi licence 
Issued under the Passenger Transport Act 1990

Who can transfer a taxi licence?

For the purpose of transferring a licence, a licence holder is the person whose name appears on the licence, that is the person to whom the licence was last granted or most recently transferred. 

An annual taxi licence may only be transferred on application by the legal personal representative or trustee of the taxi licence holder, such as an executor of a licence holder’s estate. 

Where a licence is held by two or more persons (joint holders) and one of the joint holders is removed from the holding this is not deemed as a transfer. However, where an additional person is added as a licence holder, this is considered to be a transfer.

How is a taxi licence transferred?

The transfer process is usually initiated by the licence holder, however, in the case of a deceased estate the executor or administrator of the estate would initiate the transfer.

The following evidence will be needed to transfer a licence:

  • An executed contract of sale - if the licence is being sold on the open market;
  • Probate – if the executor or administrator acts in relation to a deceased estate;
  • Letter of Administration – if the licence holder died intestate (without a will);
  • Instrument of transfer – if the licence is being transferred for a reason other than through a sale or on the death of the licence holder, such as through a divorce. This might be a copy of the divorce order.

To commence the transfer process a licence holder, executor or administrator needs to apply to transfer the licence online by following the steps below:

  1. Login to the Taxi Licence Gateway from the Industry Portal
  2. Select "Taxi Licences" from the menu on the left of screen
  3. Select the specific taxi licence you would like to transfer
  4. Click on "Transfer" at the top right and follow the instructions.

You may need to upload supporting documentation such as:

  • 100 points of identification, if not already supplied, and
  • Copy of the Contract of Sale, or
  • Copy Probate and the last will of the deceased, or
  • Letter of administration, or
  • Instrument of transfer.

Once an application to transfer is received, the amount of transfer levy payable will be determined and the transferee (the person the licence is being transferred to) will be asked to finalise the transfer. 

To finalise the transfer the transferee (Party B) will be sent details of their login for the Industry Portal. Once logged in they can complete the Application to Transfer a Taxi Licence (Party B) and pay the transfer levy (if applicable). The transfer will then be finalised. 

Taxi licence transfer fees

A levy of 2.5% of the current market value of an ordinary licence is payable by the transferee (Party B) on the transfer of the licence.

The Point to Point Transport Commissioner decides what represents the current market value as at the date of transfer of the licence.

The current market value is determined by using:

  • Metropolitan Transport District (Sydney) Taxi Licences - the previous month's average taxi transfer price for taxi licences being transferred through a sale on the open market. View details on transfer values for Sydney taxi licences.
  • Taxi licences outside Sydney - the value detailed on the executed contract of sale, unless the Commissioner considers this does not represent the current market value.

The buyer of the licence is responsible for paying the transfer levy. No transfer levy is payable when the licence holder has died and the new licence holder is entitled to the licence under the will or on the intestacy of the licensee (intestacy is when a person dies without having made a valid will or other binding declaration). There is more information on pricing contained in the Taxi licence transfer prices page.