The Act and Regulation

The point to point transport industry is governed by the following laws:

The Act provides the broad legal framework for how service providers in the point to point transport industry must conduct their business and empowers the Point to Point Transport Commissioner to authorise service providers, issue taxi licences, manage the enforcement of the legislation and recommend safety standards, along with other duties.

The Regulation is made under the Act and goes into greater detail regarding safety standards for service providers and all involved in ensuring safe passenger services are provided.

Does the law apply to me?

The law applies to all persons participating in the point to point transport industry. This includes service providers, drivers, vehicle owners, affiliated providers, taxi licence holders and passengers.

The law specifies safety standards which apply to certain members of the point to point transport industry.

From time to time, the Government may make changes to the law or an exemption may apply to certain persons. Check the NSW legislation website to keep up to date with changes to the law. Details of exemptions are published in the NSW Government Gazette.

We also publish relevant updates on our website.

How can I check whether I am compliant with the law?

The Act and Regulation are fully searchable through our website or via keywords on the NSW legislation website.

The Act and Regulation are very specific about who has safety duties and who is responsible for certain safety standards. The pages on this website will help you to understand your obligations and comply with those obligations.

You may also wish to seek independent legal advice to ensure you are compliant with your obligations.