Online short courses

Online short courses have been developed to help support service providers and other members of the point to point industry understand their legal responsibilities and safety obligations.

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An introduction to authorised service providers

This course is designed for individuals and organisations who are interested in becoming either a booking Service Provider or a Taxi Service Provider. It explains the responsibilities, requirements and obligations of becoming an authorised service provider.

The course has 8 lessons which cover:

  • An introduction to the Point to Point Transport Commission
  • Service Provider responsibilities and standards
  • Driver Management on the DVD
  • Notifiable Occurrences
  • Safety Management
  • Risk Management
  • Audits

Courses currently under development

Driver Management

This course is for authorised service providers to explain driver management. The course has 4 lessons which cover:

  • Driver onboarding
  • Driver eligibility
  • Disqualifying offences
  • Ongoing driver management

Passenger Service Levy

This course has one lesson and explains the Passenger Service Levy.

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