Information for passengers

Working together to achieve safer point to point transport in NSW

It’s important that passengers feel safe when they are in a taxi or hire vehicle, including rideshare, which is why we work closely with industry to ensure safer point to point transport in NSW.

The Point to Point Transport Commission is the independent regulator for taxi and hire vehicle services in NSW. The Commissioner's main role is to administer and enforce point to point transport law, including safety standards for the industry.

The health and safety of everyone connected to the industry is our priority. Our services are designed to make it easy for taxi, hire vehicle and similar services to understand and comply with the law and run their businesses in New South Wales. We also work in partnership with other agencies to ensure the safety of the industry.

Wheelchair accessible Taxis

Wheelchair accessible taxis play an important role in the point to point transport industry providing safe passenger services for people in wheelchairs.

Everyone involved in the provision of wheelchair accessible services has specific safety obligations which ensure the vehicle being used is safe and compliant. As a person involved in the provision of wheelchair accessible services it is important that you understand your safety duties and obligations. Go to our website for more information on safety standards.

Making a safety complaint

If you believe that a driver or service provider is not meeting their safety obligations, you can make a complaint. In the first instance, your complaint should be directed to the service provider. Service providers are required to have methods for resolving complaints.
If you are unsatisfied with their response, you can make a complaint to the Commissioner through our online feedback form or contact the Industry Contact Centre by calling 131 727.
Visit our safety complaints page for more information on the process of making a safety complaint and what information you may need to provide.

Rank and hail taxi fares

Fares for a taxi caught from a taxi rank or hailed from the street are regulated by the government. The Transport for NSW fares order sets the maximum fare components such as flag fall, distance rates, peak time charge and waiting time. Information on fares for rank and hail taxis can be found on the Transport for NSW rank and hail taxi fares and charges page.

Rank and hail taxi fares – Fare Order update. Taxi service providers will be able to increase their maximum rank and hail fares by 10 cents per kilometre from 1 January 2023

Taxi Fare Hotline

If you have recently experienced a taxi driver refusing your fare, not using a meter or overcharging by demanding a set fare, report it by calling the Point to Point Transport Commissioner’s 24-hour Taxi Fare Hotline – 1800 500 410. When providing feedback, please have ready as much information as possible including number plate, date, time, location and taxi company. This will help your call to be referred to the right taxi company for immediate action.  

Fares for booked services

Fares for booked services (including booked taxi services) are not regulated, other than trips using the Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme. This allows booking service providers to be flexible in their pricing in a number of ways that can benefit the customer and provides the opportunity to compare fares between different service providers. More information on fares for booked services can be found on the Transport for NSW taxi and hire vehicle booked fares services page. Issues concerning fares should be taken up with your service provider in the first instance. If unresolved you can make a complaint to the Commissioner through our online feedback form or contact the Industry Information Centre by calling 131 727. Your safety is our priority

Secure Taxi Ranks in NSW

For the most up to date information, passengers can refer to the Secure Taxi Ranks webpage on the TfNSW website; however this handy guide shows the locations of secure taxi ranks, and their hours of operation, across NSW.

Secure Taxi Ranks


Driver Obligations

Drivers have obligations when providing a passenger service. These can be read on the Point to Point website.

Passenger Expectations

There are also expectations relating to passenger conduct which include passengers must not:

  • soil or damage the vehicle
  • smoke in the vehicle
  • behave in an offensive manner
  • use offensive language
  • intentionally interfere with the comfort or safety of other people (including the driver).

Reasons a driver may terminate or refuse to accept a hiring

The driver of a taxi and hire vehicle, including rideshare, may refuse to accept a hiring or terminate the hiring by asking you to leave the passenger vehicle if you behave in a manner listed above.

Or, if traveling in a taxi, the driver may refuse to accept a hiring or terminate the passenger service if:

  • upon request, you are unable to pay the agreed fare
  • the driver is proceeding to a destination to end his or her shift and the location is not on the way to that destination
  • the passenger indicates that he or she wishes to be taken to a location outside the taxi’s area of operation
  • you are smoking, or drinking alcohol, and refuse to stop
  • one of the passengers is under the age of 1 and no compliant child restraint is available; or
  • you are, or are likely, to otherwise cause inconvenience, a nuisance or annoyance.

Customer Service Enquiries

For all customer service enquiries, including issues relating to the standard, quality and value of the service, driver or any other additional parts of the service, please contact the taxi company or booking service. Contact details for all authorised service providers in NSW are available on the Find a Service Provider page.
If contacting the service provider is unsuccessful, you can contact Transport for NSW’s transport feedback for online assistance or dial 131 500. The 131 500 feedback line can also provide information on secure taxi ranks and accessible travel.

Checking your service providers website

  • Safety is the Commissioner’s priority, it important that passengers feel safe when they are in a taxi or hire vehicle, including rideshare.
  • Anyone providing a passenger service must be authorised by the Point to Point Transport Commissioner, significant penalties apply for anyone found providing unauthorised services.
  • When booking a passenger service via a website or App, passengers should always try to ensure they are booking an authorised service provider, such as checking the URL.
  • Further, passengers should always ensure the vehicle that arrives for their booking matches the relevant company’s branding.
  • The Commissioner’s website provides a list of service providers who are authorised,  Find a service provider.