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NSW Bushfires

Point to Point Transport Commissioner Anthony Wing would like to acknowledge the impact the bushfires have had on the businesses and families of industry members throughout NSW.


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Every ride should be a safe ride

Both passengers and drivers should always feel safe using point to point transport. Click the link below for some simple checks and steps to make sure you and your driver reach your destination safely.


 Safety tips

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle self assessment guide

This self-assessment guide is suitable for service providers providing wheelchair accessible services or considering providing such services.



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Out and about with Compliance: Elton John Sydney Concerts

The Commissioner's compliance team were inspecting taxis and hire vehicles, including rideshare at two of the Elton John Sydney concerts.


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The new point to point transport laws in NSW include changes to the driver licensing process and the introduction of new responsibilities for drivers as well as the taxi and hire vehicle businesses they work for.

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The NSW Government’s reforms to the point to point transport market give customers greater choice and flexibility by encouraging taxi and hire vehicle, tourist, rideshare and similar service providers to innovate  to meet customer expectations.  

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A library of fact sheets and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) have been prepared that explain the new regulations, safety standards, compliance measures and how they apply to your business.

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