About the Industry Portal

About the Industry Portal

The Industry Portal is the primary gateway for taxi service and booking service providers to manage their authorisation and meet their legal obligations.

Access the Industry Portal.

After logging in or registering on the Industry Portal, service providers can:

  • become authorised
  • manage Passenger Service Levy obligations
  • update their personal or business information
  • run checks on the drivers and vehicles in their fleets through the Driver Vehicle Dashboard
  • lodge notifiable occurrences

Taxi licensees can use the Industry Portal to manage their taxi licences. Applications for wheelchair accessible taxi licences can also be made here.

The Driver Vehicle Dashboard

The Driver Vehicle Dashboard allows service providers to quickly and easily run checks on drivers and vehicles in their fleets. Accessed via the Industry Portal, the Driver Vehicle Dashboard provides current information from NSW on:

  • ongoing driver eligibility
  • vehicle registration status
  • safety checks

Only authorised taxi and booking service providers can access the Driver Vehicle Dashboard. After drivers are on-boarded service providers should regularly check the Driver Vehicle Dashboard as a part of managing their safety responsibilities.

Important reminders about criminal and driving history checks

  • The Driver Vehicle Dashboard only shows results for NSW driver licences and provides an indicator of offences committed in NSW that have occurred after the date on which a PT Code was added to a driver’s licence. This means the DVD will not identify a disqualifying offence which was committed before the PT Code was applied to the driver’s NSW licence.
    [When on-boarding drivers, service providers are reminded that the PT Code is issued by Service NSW on behalf of Transport for NSW to drivers of commercial passenger vehicles in NSW who meet relevant medical standards. The issue of a PT Code has nothing to do with whether the individual has disqualifying offences]
  • The Driver Vehicle Dashboard can be used to indicate possible issues with driver eligibility, but it should not be the only source of information used for on-boarding new drivers or managing existing drivers.
  • The criminal and driving histories of all new drivers must be checked to ensure they do not have any disqualifying offences prior to being on-boarded. This can be done by way of a National Police Check or similar check.
  • Once on-boarded, service providers should also conduct ongoing driver checks, as a part of managing their safety responsibilities, to make sure drivers do not incur disqualifying offences. In addition to using the Driver Vehicle Dashboard, checks should also be undertaken in any other state or territory in Australia, or in another country, if a driver has been in those areas.
  • It is imperative that service providers check new drivers’ criminal and driving histories and maintain ongoing checks on drivers. Serious penalties apply for non-compliance. Service providers are audited to ensure they are regularly checking drivers continue to meet the standards and have no disqualifying offences.

Accessing the Industry Portal

The Industry Portal is best accessed on a desktop, computer, laptop or tablet. Smartphone access to the Industry Portal is not supported. The latest version of Google Chrome is the recommended browser, however, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Safari are also effective.

A link to the guide for recommended browsers and settings instructions for the Industry Portal is at the bottom of the page.

The following user guides are designed for users of the Industry Portal. These can be found here:

  • Authorised Service Provider user guide
  • Driver Vehicle Dashboard user guide
  • Taxi Licensing user guide
  • Passenger Service Levy user guide
  • Notifiable Occurrences user guide