Checklist: Steps to becoming a taxi licence holder

This checklist will help you make sure you have done everything you need to do before applying for a taxi licence and before providing taxi services. 

þ Become an authorised service provider yourself, or become affiliated with an authorised service provider (in a network).

þ Apply for, and be granted, a taxi licence (go to the Industry Portal to begin your application).

þ Arrange for the use of a suitable vehicle that is registered with Service NSW as a taxi.

þ Make sure the vehicle is painted and fitted with compliant signs, lights and markings.

þ Make sure the vehicle is fitted with a compliant fare calculation device and security camera system.

þ Make sure the vehicle is fitted with a compliant duress alarm system and vehicle tracking device if operating in the Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong or Central Coast areas.

þ Make sure the vehicle’s registration number, contact information for the taxi’s authorised service provider, a listing of all relevant fares and charges, advice of security camera surveillance and at least one Taxi Fare Hotline sticker are on clear display inside the taxi.

þ Make sure the vehicle has third-party property insurance cover of at least $5 million.