More driver information

Anyone wanting to become a taxi or hire vehicle driver must be licensed and pass medical and criminal background checks to ensure they are providing the safest possible service to customers.

If you wish to become a driver you should speak with your preferred service provider for more information.  A full list of authorised service providers can be found here.

Useful information for potential point to point transport drivers

What type of driver licence do I need?

To become a point to point driver you must have held an unrestricted Australian driver licence (not a probationary licence) for at least 12 months in the preceding four years and meet medical standards for commercial vehicle drivers

Service NSW has more information on driver licensing on their website.

If you have a driver licence issued overseas or from another State or Territory, you may be required to get a NSW licence within three months of living in NSW.

What is the passenger transport licence code? Do I need one?

In addition to a standard driver licence, point to point transport drivers may add the passenger transport licence code (PT code) to their licence.

The PT code is for NSW drivers only. A person who drives, or is wanting to drive, a taxi or hire vehicle, including rideshare, can apply through Service NSW to have the PT code applied to their driver licence. To be eligible for the PT Code a person must meet the medical standards for commercial vehicle drivers. Once activated (added a driver licence) the PT Code identifies a person as a point to point transport driver.

Whilst it is not compulsory to have the passenger transport code, service providers may make it a requirement before you are able to drive for them.  This can be done at your closest Service NSW centre.

Service NSW provides further information on the Passenger Transport licence code.

What medical checks are required?

Drivers who make an application for the passenger transport licence code are required to declare if they have any medical conditions which may affect their driving.

You cannot drive a taxi or hire vehicle, including rideshare, if you have a disqualifying offence.

 It is an offence if a person drives a taxi or hire vehicle if they have been found guilty of a disqualifying offence.

What level of English is required?

Minimum language standards are required by law for taxi drivers who stand or ply for hire in Sydney. Drivers must meet one of the following proficiency levels:

(a) the International English Language Testing System—an overall band score of at least 5.5, with marks of at least 5.5 for speaking and listening

(b) the International Second Language Proficiency Rating—at least level 2 for reading and writing and at least level 3 for speaking and listening

(c) the course English as a Second Language offered by the NSW Education Standards Authority as a Higher School Certificate Course—band 3.