Driver ID Toolkit

Driver IDs are an important safety measure and allow passengers to feel confident that drivers have been appropriately onboarded and are associated with an authorised service provider. 

It is mandatory for a mounting device to be fitted in a taxi providing passenger services and for drivers to display their Driver ID when providing rank and hail services. 

Welcome to the Driver ID toolkit. This toolkit has been developed to help the point to point transport industry deliver clear and consistent communication around Driver IDs.  

It contains print and digital assets which authorised service providers may choose to use to help them communicate these mandatory requirements to drivers.

Terms of use

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Toolkit components

Fact sheet

This fact sheet is a useful resource that can be handed out to or shared with drivers, affiliate providers, and staff members. This resource can also be used as a refresher for drivers who are returning to the road after the COVID-19 lockdown.




This poster can be placed in any area that will be visible to drivers such as receptions, rest areas, vehicle safety check areas, and training areas. We recommend printing in full colour when you can. You can also share this poster via social media.


Email signature banner

An email banner can be placed within the body of an email, and is a useful tool to use when emailing your drivers, to remind them to display their Driver ID.

Tips on how to use this resource

Commonly, email signature banner images are inserted below the email signature although they can be inserted anywhere within the body of an email. 

  • Download the email banner below and save the file. The file should automatically save as a JPG file. 
  • If you use Microsoft Outlook, refer to Setup Signature instructions on the Microsoft Office support page. 
  • For other email applications and webmail; once you have drafted your email, click on ‘insert picture’ and select the JPG. You can then copy and paste the image to wherever you like within the email.
  • Below the banner, please add in the following text: ‘For more information please visit



Social media (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn)

Social media posts are a great way to share information with drivers. If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to follow the Point to Point Transport Commissioner on LinkedIn.

We will be posting regular messages on driver ID, we encourage you to share these posts.

Below, we have included social media assets and copy for you to share on your own social channels and with your drivers.

Important: You must not modify brand elements in any way, including changing colours or format. If you would like to amend the copy in your post, please first send us an email to, stating the copy amendments. We will respond within one business day. 


Social media post copy

Do you provide rank and hail taxi services in NSW?

You must clearly display your Driver ID in a fitted device so that it is clearly visible to passengers.

Displaying your Driver ID helps passengers to feel safe and confident knowing their driver has undergone all relevant safety checks and is working for an authorised service provider. It is also mandatory under the point to point transport law.

To learn more, visit the Point to Point Transport Commissioner website:


Social media post image

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eNewsletter/website copy and image


Tips on how to use this resource

Copy the below text and paste (as unformatted text) into a blank email or onto your website, then format according to your company’s style. You can also download the image by clicking the link below to place it in your email or on your website.



Attention all drivers 

Please always display your driver identity document (Driver ID) when providing rank and hail taxi services in NSW. 

Did you know that one of the most frequently issued penalty notices for taxi drivers is for not displaying their Driver ID?  Over the last two years more than 280 penalty notices incurring fines of $300 have been issued. 

While the law requires you to display your Driver ID, it is also an important safety measure that helps our passengers feel secure knowing that:  

  • we have checked your eligibility to drive
  • you are driving for an authorised taxi service provider 
The Driver ID must be displayed so that it is clearly visible to all passengers in the vehicle when the taxi is providing rank and hail passenger services. 

Penalty Notices can be issued by the NSW Police or Point to Point Transport Commissioner’s Authorised Officers for not displaying a Driver ID. 
  >For more information on Driver ID requirements, please visit the Point to Point Transport Commissioner website at or call the Industry Contact Centre on 131 727.