Driver Onboarding and Management Toolkit


This toolkit provides all the information service providers will need for the onboarding and the ongoing management of their drivers.

Toolkit components

This toolkit contains links to documents which will answer all your questions about driver management.

  1. Onboarding guide. A step by step guide to show all the steps required to onboard new drivers.
  2. Driver management fact sheet - outlines what is required in managing drivers once they have been onboarded. Service providers are required to monitor drivers continually.
  3. DVD traffic light fact sheet – explains the traffic lights in the DVD. This information is useful for both the onboarding and the ongoing management of drivers.
  4. Eligibility fact sheet - explains driver eligibility.
  5. Disqualifying offences fact sheet - explains disqualifying offences.
  6. Safety Management System (SMS) web page. During the onboarding process, drivers need to be trained in the SMS. This web page explains what an SMS is and what it is used for.