Before the courts: Driver receives significant fine and conviction for failing to display their driver ID


On 16 June 2021, a Magistrate sentenced a taxi driver to a conviction and $1,600 fine at the Local Court at Sydney Downing Centre for failing to display a driver identity document (driver ID) while providing rank and hail passenger services.  

At the time of the offence, the driver pleaded guilty and elected to have the matter dealt with by a court.

The magistrate’s decision reflects the importance of displaying a driver ID and sends a message to all taxi drivers providing rank and hail services that they must comply with their safety obligations. 

Driver IDs allow passengers to identify their driver, the taxi service provider and feel confident that the driver is eligible to drive the taxi, having met the safety standards of the taxi service provider and the Commission.

Identity documents are issued to drivers by their authorised taxi service provider and include the drivers photograph and a unique identification number. All taxi service providers are required by law to issue drivers with IDs. Taxis must also be fitted with a device designed for displaying driver identity documents and must be clearly visible to passengers in the taxi.

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