Driver Vehicle Dashboard - Taxi Licence Status Check Now Available


On 16 November 2018 the Point to Point Transport Commissioner added a new check to the Driver Vehicle Dashboard (DVD), the Taxi Licence Status Check. This new check allows Authorised Taxi Service Providers (TSPs) to check whether a number plate is associated with a valid taxi licence.  

Under point to point transport laws, TSPs must ensure their taxis are registered and operate with a valid taxi licence. The Taxi Licence Status Check will assist TSPs comply with these obligations in a convenient, clear and accessible way.

Like the other five categories of checks on the DVD, the Taxi Licence Status Check provides a traffic light indicator (green, white or red) to show the outcome of the check.

A red light indicates there is no valid associated taxi licence found for the number plate, white light indicates the number plate entered is not a taxi plate starting with T or TC, and a green light indicates the taxi number plate is associated with a valid taxi licence.  

The Taxi Licence Status Check User Guide Quick Guide provides further information on the Taxi Licence Status Check and how to run checks in the DVD.

Please note that this check will not appear in the DVD for ASPs that are not a TSP.

If you require further information please contact the Industry Contact Centre directly by phone (131 727) or via webmail on the Commissioner’s website.