Rules in place for Authorised Workers

Please note that the information in this article was accurate at time of publication and is subject to change. Visit the NSW Government website for the latest advice and information.

On Sunday, 19 September,  NSW Health announced updates to the Public Health Order for areas of concern. Restrictions in areas of concern will begin to ease to align with the rest of Greater Sydney as vaccination rates continue to rise in NSW. We would like to remind the Industry that the recent ease of rules does not affect the requirements in place for authorised workers.

To reiterate, taxi, rideshare and hire vehicle drivers are not authorised workers. Only drivers from an area of concern who provide health care or social assistance passenger services are Authorised Workers (for example booked wheelchair passenger service, DVA, HealthShare or domestic violence services).

What do the latest changes mean for taxi, rideshare, hire car and other point to point transport service providers and drivers? 

The following rules still apply:

  • If a driver is providing a passenger service outside of their LGA of concern as an authorised worker, they are required to carry a workers permit from Service NSW declaring that they are an authorised worker. 
  • Authorised workers must have received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccination in order to leave their area of concern.
  • Anyone entering an LGA of concern for the purposes of work must carry a ‘workers permit’ issued by Service NSW.
  • Evidence of vaccination must be carried and to show police if requested
  • If you live in Greater Sydney and need to travel more than 50km outside of Greater Sydney, you will need to register online at Service NSW

Getting vaccinated is essential 

Getting vaccinated is a priority for everyone in NSW. The Commissioner encourages everyone in the point to point transport industry to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Please reinforce this message with drivers and staff and encourage them to make an appointment.  You can also go to a NSW Health vaccination site or your local GP – many options are available. 

Stay up to date

We will continue to update the Industry as new information regarding restrictions and Public Health Order updates become available.  
The Commissioner’s website and COVID-19 updates page provides further information on the stay-at-home rules and restrictions and how they apply to the Industry.