Taxi licence tender 2020/21 now open


The Point to Point Transport Commissioner has opened tender applications for three (3) Fringe – Helensburgh & Metropolitan taxi licences.

More information on the taxi licence determination e-Tender process and requirements can be found on the Taxi licence tenders page.

Applications are open from 12pm Thursday 3 December until 12pm Thursday 10 December 2020 and submissions can be made from the button below.


Requirements for Tender

A Tenderer must tender for all three (3) licences by placing three (3) separate applications. To be a complying tender, tenderers must submit a minimum of three (3) tenders. 

Any individual, partnership or corporation with an Australian Business Number (ABN) may apply for and tender for a taxi licence.

The taxi licences available in this tender can stand or ply for hire anywhere in the Fringe – Helensburgh and Metropolitan Transport District area at any time of day.

These are known as rank and hail services. Note that a taxi cannot provide rank and hail services outside of the area of operation of the taxi licence however they can take booked services anywhere in NSW.

Applicants must pay a non-refundable application fee of $200 (GST Exempt) in the approved form for each of the three licences.

Applications and tenders submitted in any other form, such as by mail, email or fax, will be deemed non-conforming. This means that they will not be considered.

  • All tenders must be submitted online via the Commissioner’s website.
  • A tender will only be considered for the taxi licence category available in this tender. 
  • An application cannot be considered if less than three (3) tenders have been received by the same tenderer.
  • In submitting an online tender, the Tenderer must declare compliance with all terms and conditions of the tender process as set out in this document. This includes verifying that the Tenderer has not colluded, consulted or agreed in any way with any other Tenderer or prospective Tenderer for the purpose of restricting competition or inducing any other prospective Tenderer to submit or not submit a tender for the purpose of restricting competition or for the purpose of agreeing on prices or influencing prices to be tendered for a taxi licence.
  • A tender will not be accepted after the closing date and time.
  • Only conforming tenders will be considered.
  • Service level requirements apply, see tender information pack for more details.

Additional information
More information about taxi licences and taxi licence tenders can be found by visiting the Taxi licence tenders page or by contacting the Industry Contact Centre on 131 727.

*This tender has now closed.