Displaying Taxi Fare Hotline stickers fact sheet

Taxi Fare Hotline stickers

The Commissioner’s Taxi Fare Hotline is a centralised reporting platform, set up with the taxi industry, to make it easy for passengers to report fare related issues. Taxi companies can then address these issues, which may involve failure to use the meter, overcharging or refusing a fare unless the passenger agrees to a fixed fare, directly with passengers and taxi drivers. It is important that passengers can easily contact the Hotline. 

The Hotline sticker

To educate and assist passengers, Taxi Fare Hotline stickers must be displayed in all NSW taxis providing rank and hail passenger services. 

From 1 September 2023, all taxi vehicles in NSW are required, by law, to display the stickers both inside and outside the taxi.  

The hotline stickers have been approved by the Commissioner and display the following information: 

  • The Taxi Fare Hotline telephone number 

  • A QR Code link to the Taxi Fare Hotline telephone number 

  • A statement that the meter must always be on during a rank or hail trip. 

The stickers must be clearly visible to all passengers in the taxi, and to prospective passengers. The positioning of the stickers should not affect a driver’s visibility – safety is always the priority.   

A minimum of two stickers must be displayed – at least one on the outside of the vehicle and one inside the vehicle: the left-hand side of the vehicle is recommended. It is recommended that three to four stickers are displayed to ensure all passengers can see them.   

This fact sheet will provide information on the stickers, where to place them and how to order more.  

Who is responsible for this vehicle standard? 

Taxi service providers and taxi licence holders must ensure that their taxis providing rank and hail services comply.  

Taxi service providers and licence holders who fail to comply with this vehicle safety standard can be issued with a penalty infringement notice of $550, or $1100 in the case of a body corporate. The maximum court-imposed penalty is $5500 or $27,500 in the case of a body corporate. 

The Point to Point Transport Commissioner’s Hotline sticker 

The sticker is a circle, 10cm in diameter and made of durable material allowing it to be displayed inside and outside of vehicles. 

The Hotline number and QR code are highly visible allowing the passenger to easily call the Hotline to report a fare related matter. Education is also provided on the sticker, ensuring passengers know the meter must be on during a rank or hail trip. 

The stickers have been sent out by the Point to Point Transport Commission to taxi service providers to roll out and share with affiliates across their network. 

The Hotline stickers do not replace any other signage in the taxi vehicle that is also required by law. Other signage includes fare information, TSP contact information, Driver ID and signs advising the taxi is fitted with a security camera system. For more information, please visit our Safety standards for taxis webpage. 

Displaying Taxi Fare Hotline stickers 

Taxi Fare Hotline stickers are for display inside and outside of taxis. They remind passengers that the meter must always be on during a rank or hail trip and advise passengers where to report any taxi fare related matters. The stickers confirm that the taxi industry is serious about ensuring all passengers get a fair fare. 

Where must the stickers be displayed? 

  • Prepare the area for the application of the sticker before peeling off the backing paper. Thoroughly clean and dry the surface. Consider using an isopropanol product to clean the surface. Be sure the site is free from any dust or residue from previous stickers. 

  • It is recommended that stickers are placed on the back quarter panel window inside the taxi and in the same location on the outside of the taxi (as shown in the diagram below) – ideally on both sides of the vehicle. 

  • Do not place stickers on the front windscreen. 

  • Stickers must not obstruct the vision of the driver in any way. 

Sticker placement:

Outside (both sides)

Inside (both sides and in the front passenger side)

Wheelchair accessible taxis. Outside (both sides)


Wheelchair accessible taxis. Outside rear door and inside (both sides sides)

What do drivers need to do?

  • Drivers should check that the stickers are displayed, undamaged and legible as part of their pre-departure checks.
  • Drivers should alert the TSP or affiliate if the stickers are not displayed, are damaged or are illegible. 

Further education

If you require more stickers please contact P2PEvents@transport.nsw.gov.au 

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If you have any questions or need further information, please visit the Point to Point Transport Commissioner’s website or call the Industry Contact Centre on 131 727.