Changes to self-isolation period


From 9 September 2022, self-isolation requirements for positive COVID-19 cases are changing. Under the updated Public Health Order, people who test positive will only need to self-isolate for five days instead of seven days from the date they test positive, provided they no longer have symptoms. Here’s what the point to point transport industry needs to know.

What does this mean for the point to point transport industry?

  • The change to the isolation period means if a driver has tested positive to COVID-19, they are now required to self-isolate for 5 days.
  • After 5 days, if the driver is symptom-free, they can continue to provide passenger services in line with their service provider’s COVID-19 Safety Plan. It is strongly recommended  they complete a rapid antigen test and return a negative result prior to providing passenger services. 
  • If a driver is still experiencing symptoms after 5 days, such as a sore throat, runny nose, cough or shortness of breath, they must remain in self-isolation for seven days from the day they tested positive.
  • Drivers are also still required to notify their service provider of the positive test as soon as reasonably practicable to do so.
  • Taxi and booking service providers are required to record risks to health and safety, including COVID-19 related incidents to the Commissioner via the Industry Portal and must manage the risk it presents to drivers, passengers and other persons in connection with the provision of services.

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Five steps to take if you test positive to COVID-19

Anyone who tests positive must comply with the Information for people exposed to COVID-19 fact sheet which includes the following 5 actions:

  1. Register your rapid antigen test on the Service NSW website
  2. Self-isolate immediately for 5 days from the day you did your test
  3. Do not enter certain high-risk settings for 7 days from the day you tested positive. This includes hospital premises, public clinics and private health facilities, residential aged care, and residential disability care facilities. All drivers including pay careful consideration to the pickup and drop-off locations before accepting a passenger service.
  4. Tell people that you live with that you have tested positive and self-isolate from them as much as possible. Your household contacts must follow the advice in the NSW Health Household and Close Contact Guidelines for 7 days after you tested positive.
  5. Tell people you spent time with from the two days before you started having symptoms or two days before you tested positive (whichever came first) that you have COVID-19

Mask wearing is mandatory in point to point transport vehicles

  • Mask wearing continues to be mandatory in all point to point transport vehicles across NSW and provides essential protection against the spread of illness.
  • Drivers and passengers are required to wear a mask when travelling in taxis, hire and rideshare vehicles when a passenger service is being provided. This includes at a rank or rideshare pickup/ drop off area.
  • Mandatory mask wearing does not apply to: 
    •    Children 12 and under
    •    Persons with a physical or mental health illness or condition, or disability, that makes wearing a fitted face covering unsuitable

Stay up to date

We will continue to inform the industry as new information and updates to public health orders become available.  

For more information, see the NSW Government website.