Five touters prosecuted at Downing Centre Local Court


Point to Point Transport Commissioner Anthony Wing prosecuted five individuals at the Downing Centre Local Court yesterday. The five people were charged for allegedly, on separate occasions in November, touting and soliciting for passenger services at Sydney Airport.

Three offenders pleaded guilty and were convicted and fined $1,000. Two of these three offenders were also ordered to pay an additional $300 in professional costs. The remaining two individuals pleaded not guilty and will proceed to hearing.

The offences were detected as part of ongoing compliance activity by the Point to Point Transport Commissioner at the Sydney Airport precinct - a high traffic area where people are particularly vulnerable to being touted.

Touting and soliciting at the airport and in any area of NSW is not only an offence under point to point transport law, it is unsafe for passengers and a form of harassment.

Under point to point transport law a person must not drive a taxi or hire vehicle that is being used to provide a passenger service if the person has been found guilty of a disqualifying offence. A second offence of touting or soliciting constitutes a disqualifying offence, which means if an individual has two convictions for this offence, they will be disqualified from providing point to point passenger services in NSW.

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