Vaccination requirements updated for Sydney International Airport


NSW Health has updated the Public Health Order regarding requirements for the vaccination of workers providing services to arrivals at Sydney International Airport.  This PHO amendment will have an impact on the point to point transport industry.

From Monday 1 November 12:01am a point to point transport driver can only pick-up a fully vaccinated person arriving at Sydney International Airport if they have received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccination (there are provisions allowing a person with a medical contraindication to continue to work or provide service or enter premises). This includes point to point transport vehicles including taxis, rideshare and hire vehicles providing passenger services.

What does this mean for the point to point transport industry?

  • From Monday 1 November at 12.01am, point to point transport drivers who have received two doses of COVID-19 vaccination (fully vaccinated) can pick up a fully vaccinated arrival from Sydney International Airport. Evidence of vaccination must be provided to the NSW Police on request.
  • Drivers transporting unvaccinated flight crew to and from the airport must be fully vaccinated. Evidence of vaccination must be provided to the police on request.

COVID safe rules remain:

  • Drivers and passengers must continue to wear masks in the vehicle unless an applicable mask exemption applies.
    o    More information on mask-wearing, including exemptions, can be found on in the mask-wearing FAQ’s on the Keeping COVID Safe page. 
  • Drivers must continue to check-in via the NSW Government QR code at the start of their shift and check out once their shift has finished.
  • Passengers must continue to check-in at the start of or early on during their journey.

Drivers should continue to follow our COVID safe tips

  • Drivers should use our Vehicle Sanitisation Stations. This service is free, and each vehicle can be sanitised up to twice a day.
  • Passengers should sit in the back seat
  • Use contactless payment methods where available
  • Do not travel if unwell, stay home and get tested immediately 
  • Passengers should handle their own luggage
  • Drivers are encouraged to sanitise their vehicle at the end of each shift at a minimum.

Industry questions

If a driver is unvaccinated, can they drop a passenger at Sydney International Airport Departures?

Yes. Drivers who drop off a passenger at Departures at Sydney International Airport are not required to be fully vaccinated, however vaccination is strongly encouraged. 

If an unvaccinated driver drops off a passenger, they cannot provide a passenger service to arriving vaccinated international passengers. 

If a driver has had one dose of a COVID vaccine, can they provide passenger services to arriving fully vaccinated passengers at Sydney International Airport?

No. Drivers must be fully vaccinated, that is have had two doses of a COVID vaccine, to pick up a passenger arriving at Sydney International Airport. 

If a driver is unvaccinated, can they provide passenger services to domestic passengers?

Yes. Unvaccinated drivers can provide passenger services to and from the domestic airport; however, being fully vaccinated is strongly encouraged. 

Does this Public Health Order mandate only apply to Terminal 1, Sydney International Airport?

Yes. Currently, under the Public Health Order, anyone transporting vaccinated arrivals from Sydney International Airport, including taxi drivers, drivers of hire vehicles and rideshare must be fully vaccinated. 

Stay up to date

We will continue to update the Industry as new information and Public Health Order updates become available.  

The NSW Government website providers further information:

  • The NSW Airport and Quarantine Workers Vaccination Program document is live. 
  • The NSW quarantine worker surveillance and testing program document is available online.

The Commissioner’s website and COVID-19 updates page provides further information COVID Safe rules and how they apply to the Industry.