Wheelchair Accessible Taxis & Hire Vehicles Driver & Driver Assessor Competency Self-Assessment Guide


The Point to Point Transport Commissioner has developed a self-assessment guide to assist service providers assess their current policies and procedures for ensuring drivers of wheelchair accessible taxis and hire vehicles are competent in loading, unloading and transporting passengers whilst in their wheelchair.   

Designed to complement a service provider’s Safety Management System (SMS) review of processes and contribute to their ongoing safety improvement programs, the guide will assist service providers to review their current practice and identify areas for improvement. 

The self-assessment guide will help service providers identify where their current practices are appropriate, areas where improvements can be made and opportunities for further safety enhancements. The guide allows service providers to self-assess their current operations, and where appropriate, inform their SMS. 

The self-assessment guide is suitable for service providers providing wheelchair accessible services or considering providing such services.

Self-assessment guide

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