Taxi driver ID

Drivers must display a driver identity document (Driver ID) when providing rank and hail taxi services in NSW.

The Driver ID is an important safety measure. It allows passengers to feel confident that drivers are qualified and have been through appropriate checks to be able to drive the taxi. All drivers must be on-boarded by a service provider (or by the affiliate) before they can provide passenger services.

Once fully on-boarded by the service provider, the driver must be issued with a Driver ID in the form of a card or electronic document that contains:

  • the driver’s photograph
  • an identification number provided by the taxi service provider (or affiliate).

Driving for multiple service providers

When driving for multiple service providers, it is important to remember that each service provider (or affiliate) must conduct their own checks and complete their own driver on-boarding. A Driver ID is not valid until the driver has been on-boarded by a service provider (or affiliate) for each service provider they will provide passenger services for.

What does this mean for drivers and service providers (or affiliates)?

  • Being issued a Driver ID by one service provider (or affiliate) does not automatically allow a driver to drive for multiple service providers (or affiliates).
  • The Driver ID must contain a photo of the driver and an identification number supplied by the provider of the taxi service. If providing rank and hail services for more than one taxi service provider, the identification number from each service provider (or affiliate) should be shown.
  • The Driver ID is not the same as a Drivers Authority*.

*Drivers Authorities were issued under the previous Passenger Transport Act 1990 and have not been valid since 1 November 2017.

Drivers may have an individual identification number on their Driver ID when providing passenger services for more than one service provider (or affiliate) when: an arrangement has been made with the Commissioner, and this arrangement allows evidence of on-boarding status to be easily determined by Authorised Officers.

For instance, multiple service providers have collaborated with the NSW Taxi Council on a shared Driver ID where on-boarded drivers are assigned one unique identification number. Although issued under NSW Taxi Council branding, each service provider remains accountable for Driver IDs and the on-boarding of its drivers.

Frequently asked questions

Where should the Driver ID be displayed?

A taxi must be fitted with a device for displaying the Driver ID. The Driver ID must be displayed in this device so that it is clearly visible to any passenger when the taxi is providing rank and hail passenger services.

Who is responsible for displaying the Driver ID?

The service provider or affiliate (if the driver is driving for the service) is responsible for making sure the driver is displaying their Driver ID when providing passenger services.

  • The driver must ensure their Driver ID is displayed in the taxi.
  • The service provider or an affiliated provider is responsible for making sure the taxi has a device installed for the display of the Driver ID.

What if a Driver ID has been lost or damaged?

The driver should contact their service provider or affiliated provider for a replacement Driver ID. If the Driver ID has been lost, damaged or misplaced, drivers must not provide rank and hail passenger services until their Driver ID is on display.

What are the penalties for not displaying a Driver ID?

Penalty Infringement Notices can be issued by the NSW Police or Authorised Officers for not displaying a Driver ID. The penalties for these offences are as follows:

  • Driver offence: $300
  • Taxi service provider $1100
  • Individual $550

Clause 28(1) where the offender is the driver $300, and Clause 6(1) – 13 (1) and (2) $1,100, in the case of a body corporate, and $550, in any other case.

Driver ID checklist

Please download the attached fact sheet to access the checklist

Further information

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