COVID check-in mandate expanded to include point to point transport vehicles


The use of the NSW Government QR code will be mandatory at all workplace and retail businesses from Monday 12 July 2021. This includes point to point transport vehicles providing passenger services such as taxis, hire vehicles and rideshare. The updated Public Health Order was published on Wednesday 7 July 2021. 

Point to point transport vehicles must be registered individually for the NSW Government QR code. It will be mandatory for drivers to check-in at the start of their shift and for all passengers to check-in at the start of or early on during their journey.

The Point to Point Transport Commissioner encourages all point to point vehicle owners to register as COVID Safe with Service NSW as soon as possible and before Monday 12 July. 

What does this mean for the point to point transport industry?   

Who is responsible for registering with Service NSW and the QR code?

  • The owner of the vehicle providing passenger services must register as COVID Safe with Service NSW.  The vehicle owner will then be given a unique QR code to be displayed in the vehicle. 
    - The owner is the person who is listed on the vehicle’s registration documentation.  

To register your vehicle as COVID Safe and to receive a unique QR code, visit Service providers who need to register 20 or more vehicles, businesses or business locations may use the bulk upload request form. For a detailed step-by-step process on how to bulk upload registrations, see below:


Businesses and organisations registered as COVID Safe can access their NSW Government QR code and other customised resources online at their business resource page.
Your business resources page also includes a link to the Service NSW Check-in webform.

If you have technical difficulties with the QR code or you have a passenger without a mobile phone, you can use the Service NSW webform to record customer details.

  • The owner of the vehicle is responsible for printing the QR code and ensuring it is in the vehicle and able to be easily used by all passengers

What do drivers need to do?

  •  A driver should not use a vehicle that is not displaying a NSW Government QR code
  • The driver should check-in to the vehicle before starting a shift and check-out when finished providing passenger services
  • Drivers should encourage passengers to check-in using the NSW Government QR code displayed in their vehicle
  • If a passenger does not have a smartphone, the driver can check them in by using the Service NSW webform to record their details
  • If a passenger refuses to check-in, the driver may deny the passenger entry to the vehicle as stated in the Public Health Order

Why has the COVID check-in mandate been expanded?

The NSW Government QR Code check-in system keeps a record of the passenger journey and gives NSW Health contact tracers real-time access to QR code data.  The mandate is about keeping drivers and passengers safe, and ensuring the public feel confident using point to point transport vehicles. 

Contact tracing continues to play a vital role in helping to stop the spread of the virus and keeping the community of NSW COVID Safe. 

More information is available on and the Commission will continue to update the industry.