Service provider authorisation term extended


The Point to Point Transport Commissioner has recently approved the extension of the authorisation term from five years to ten years. 

All taxi service providers and providers of booked passenger services in NSW are required by law to be authorised by the Point to Point Transport Commissioner. The authorisation term has now been extended to ten years for all new authorisations. Service providers who are currently authorised have had their authorisation term extended by another five years. This includes service providers who were transitioned to the current point to point transport regulatory framework on 1 November 2017, your authorisation is now due to expire 1 November 2027.  

No action is required by service providers.

The Commissioner’s decision to extend the authorisation term is in response to requests from industry and underpins his strategic priority of streamlining processes by cutting red tape.  
Extending the authorisation term will mean service providers only need to renew their authorisation every ten years as opposed to twice every ten years, reducing the regulatory burden for service providers and reducing the cost of being authorised.


What does this mean for authorised service providers?

No action is required, your authorisation term will automatically extend.

I was transitioned to the current point to point transport framework as an authorised service provider in 2017 and my authorisation term was due to expire on 1 November 2022, has this been extended?


Authorised service providers who are approaching five years of authorisation have had their authorisation term extended by another five years. You won’t need to renew your authorisation until 2027, once you have been authorised for ten years.

Does this extension impact annual authorisation fees?

There is no impact on annual authorisation fees. Service providers must pay annual authorisation fees. See the fact sheet for more information.

Where can I find the date that my authorisation term expires?

Information regarding your authorisation term can be found on your Certificate of Authorisation. This can be downloaded via the Industry Portal.

How can I download my updated certificate of authorisation?

You can download your certificate of authorisation via the Commissioner’s Industry Portal.
Once logged in, simply click on authorisations, and then select the type of licence number (TSP or BSP). The certificate will then open up in a pop-up window with the option to print.