Taxi driver fined for failure to display driver identification document


Under the Point to Point Transport (Taxis and Hire Vehicles) Act 2016 (the Act) and the Point to Point Transport (Taxis and Hire Vehicles) Regulation 2017 (the Regulation), all taxi and hire vehicle drivers must take reasonable care for their own and others’ health and safety.

Significant penalties apply for non-compliance and drivers can face court action and fines.

Taxi driver identity documents

An important aspect of the law regarding taxi drivers’ obligations is the requirement to display your driver identity document in the vehicle so that it is clearly visible to passengers.

Issued by your authorised service provider, the identity document includes a driver photograph and a unique identification number.

Taxis must also be fitted with a device designed for displaying the driver identity document to ensure the identity document is visible to all passengers in the taxi.

Driver fined

In a matter heard recently in the Sydney Downing Centre, a taxi driver was convicted and fined $330 for failing to display their identity document.

The offence was detected at the Domestic Terminal at Mascot during on-street compliance activity by a Point to Point Transport Commissioner Authorised Officer.

The Authorised Officer identified himself to the driver and asked him to produce his driver identity document and driver licence. The driver produced the driver identity document from his wallet, despite the fact that the taxi had a device for displaying the driver identity document.

During the court proceedings, the driver stated he did not know the law had changed and he didn’t realise that he had to display the driver ID in the device provided by the authorised taxi service provider.

In her sentencing remarks the magistrate confirmed that the purpose of the ID is to assist police and passengers to know the driver is eligible to drive. By not displaying their ID the driver had deprived users of the opportunity to identify the driver if required and if there was a safety issue.

She also noted that the maximum penalty for the offence ($5,000) is significant, and indicates that the offence is to be treated seriously.

Refer to the Driver Obligation factsheet on the Point to Point Transport Commissioner’s website for further information.