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Passenger Service Levy


The Passenger Service Levy is a temporary $1 levy that applies to authorised Taxi and Booking Service Providers.

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Affiliated Taxi Service Provider

Service Provider
An Affiliated Taxi Service Provider provides a service under the brand of an authorised Taxi Service Provider.
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Annual Authorisation Fees

Authorisation, Booking Service Providers, Service Provider, Taxi Service Providers

Authorised providers of a taxi service or booking service are required to pay an authorisation fee at the end of each financial year.

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This fact sheet contains information about how to become authorised, a checklist of what applicants need to provide, the fees payable and how to have a decision reviewed.

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Authorised Taxi Service Provider

Taxi Service Providers

This fact sheet is for taxi businesses that have at least one licensed taxi that provides passenger services for a fare and explains what they need to do to get up-and-running under the new laws.

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Booking Service Providers

Booking Service Providers

If your business takes bookings for taxis and hire vehicles to provide passenger services, you are a Booking Service Provider. This fact sheet explains what you need to do before you can take bookings.

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Bus Operators

Booking Service Providers

This fact sheet is for small bus operators (12 seats or less including the driver) undertaking charter work, airport transfers, small group tours or other work which is not conducted to a regular route and timetable.

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Conditions of Authorisation


Authorised Taxi and Booking Service Providers are responsible for ensuring they operate legally under the NSW point to point transport law and comply with any specified conditions imposed on their authorisation.

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Point to Point Transport Operators


This factsheet provides general advice in line with Health Department guidelines, for key updates visit NSW Health www.health.nsw.gov.au for industry specific updates visit Australian Department of Healt

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Disqualifying Offences for Drivers of Taxis or Hire Vehicles

Compliance, Safety

Clause 24 of the Point to Point Transport (Taxis and Hire Vehicles) Regulation 2017 (the Regulation) lists disqualifying offences.

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