New Vehicle Sanitisation Station, Driving Safety and Jobs in Arncliffe


Another vehicle sanitisation station has opened in Arncliffe this week, to help prevent the spread of infection and keep drivers and passengers safe during COVID-19.

Point to Point Transport Commissioner Anthony Wing said the newest sanitisation station opened on Monday and “is already helping to provide safer point to point transport services and added confidence for members of the community.”

“The initiative has been successfully running across the state since April, with over 18,800 vehicles sanitised since then, we are encouraging point to point transport drivers in the area to use the free service as well,” Mr Wing said.

“The service can be used by the point to point transport industry including taxis, hire vehicles, rideshare vehicles, as well as community transport, Government fleet and Emergency Services vehicles.”

On top of providing cleaner and safer point to point transport services for passengers and drivers, more than 150 people across NSW have been employed as a result of the initiative.

“25 people have been employed at this site in Arncliffe to provide these much needed COVID-19 cleaning services, which is a great outcome for the community and the point to point industry,” Mr Wing said.

The complimentary service is available to all point to point transport passenger service providers and entitles them to one sanitisation, per vehicle, per day to help reduce the spread of illness and assist with maintaining driver and passenger safety.
Vehicle sanitisation includes disinfecting high-touch areas both inside and outside of the vehicle such as seatbelts, door handles, window controls, headrests and payment terminals.

Drivers are encouraged to maintain a high level of vehicle sanitisation and carry out spot cleaning in between sanitisation station visits. To help with this, drivers can obtain clean up kits from vehicle sanitisation stations to use in the event of a passenger spreading droplets, such as coughing or sneezing.

About the Point to Point Transport Commissioner

The Point to Point Transport Commissioner is the regulator of taxis, hire vehicles and rideshare services in NSW. The Commissioner is responsible for administering, managing and enforcing NSW’s point to point transport law, including the authorisation of taxi and booking service providers and administering the State’s taxi licensing scheme. The safety of services is the priority of the Commissioner, who works with industry to achieve a safer point to point transport in NSW.


The pop-up vehicle sanitisation station is located at 6/13-15 Wollongong Road, Arncliffe and will be open 7am-7pm from Monday to Saturday. For more information about point to point transport and the response to the evolving COVID-19 situation, please visit the Coronavirus (Covid-19) updates page.


Laura Mitchell – Point to Point Transport Commissioner’s office