Commissioner’s compliance team ensuring a ‘fare’ game during the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™


The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ saw soccer (or football for fervent fans) fever sweep the nation, and with fans across NSW keen to support the mighty Matilda’s, point to point transport services were in high demand from late July and throughout August.  

The Point to Point Transport Commissioner’s compliance operations were focused predominantly on the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ during this period to ensure the safety of passenger services, and that all fans received a fair fare. 

Safety is the Commissioner’s priority, and throughout the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ his compliance team of Authorised Officers were out in force to ensure rideshare, hire vehicle and taxi drivers and providers were playing by the rules. 55 rideshare drivers were issued penalty notices for not displaying a retroreflective sign at the rear of their vehicle, and 41 penalty notices were issued to taxi drivers for not having driver ID on display – both the retroreflective sign and taxi driver ID are important to the safety of their passengers by highlighting that the service is authorised and being provided by a driver that has cleared all the mandatory checks.  

The Commissioner’s Authorised Officers also conducted both plain clothes and highly visible compliance activities targeting taxi drivers providing rank and hail services choosing not to use the meter, overcharging, or refusing a passenger if they did not agree to a fixed fare, tried to negotiate a fare or demanding a fare other than the one displayed on the meter.  

As a result of compliance operations during FIFA, more than 120 penalty notices were issued to drivers for breaching fare-related laws. All drivers caught received a fine of $1,000 for breaching fare related laws. 

“A minority of taxi drivers are choosing to do the wrong thing by failing to use the meter during a rank or hail trip or overcharging their passenger/s. My team of Authorised Officers were out in force during FIFA to ensure those few drivers did the right thing or faced a significant fine if they broke the law" Anthony Wing said.   

“My Authorised Officers continue to undertake compliance operations, including plain clothes activities, meaning that drivers will never know when one of my Authorised Officers is in their vehicle”. 

Passengers who have hailed a taxi or caught a taxi at a rank and believe they have been overcharged; the driver did not use the meter; or the trip was refused because you would not agree to a fixed rate, or the trip was too short should contact the Commissioner’s Taxi Fare Hotline on 1800 500 410. Make sure you note your taxi’s number plate so the Hotline team can contact the correct service provider to address your issue.