NSW enters new taxi licensing era


The final stage of the taxi licence reforms has commenced with the new licensing laws coming into effect on Tuesday 1 August 2023.

The new laws mean becoming your own taxi operator is more accessible. Previously, taxi licences were limited in number. Taxi licences are now available on application to the Point to Point Transport Commissioner, to any eligible person who intends to operate a taxi and meets the standards set out by point to point transport law.

Under new laws, taxi licences can no longer be sold, transferred, or leased, and the person or company who operates a taxi will need to have a taxi licence in their name.

In addition, operating area restrictions have also been lifted meaning taxis will be able to provide taxi services anywhere in NSW.

Since 1 February, the Point to Point Transport Commissioner has been managing the transition to the new licensing framework for operators of a taxi service and taxi licence owners who already had a registered vehicle on the road. Transport for NSW has managed the financial assistance scheme for existing taxi licence owners.

To support the industry throughout this transition period the Commissioner’s website had a taxi licence reform webpage, communicated regularly with the industry, and held an extensive series of workshops across the state.

The Point to Point Transport Commissioner has been pleased with how the new licensing system is being adopted.

The Commissioner stated that, “99.9% of the more than 5,400 taxis that were already on the road transitioned by 31 July, which is an excellent result.

“In addition we have already received approximately 200 applications for new taxi licences” Mr Wing said.

Another series of information sessions will be held across NSW from mid-August to provide industry with further information on the new licensing laws. The Commissioner will also continue to reinforce his safety message. “While the taxi licensing laws may have changed, my focus on the safety of passenger services being provided continues to be my top priority” Mr Wing said.

The Commissioner’s website contains information on how to apply and his Industry Contact Centre is available Monday to Friday 8am-5pm on 131 727.

Background on the transition

In response to the Point to Point Independent Review in 2020, the Point to Point Transport (Taxis and Hire Vehicles) Amendment Act 2022 was passed on 17 November 2022. This Act provides a package of reforms to help the point to point transport industry provide more choice and availability of services for customers. A financial assistance scheme for eligible taxi licence owners was announced along with a new licensing system.

Background on the Point to Point Transport Commissioner The Point to Point Transport Commissioner, Anthony Wing, is the independent regulator for taxis, hire vehicles and rideshare, in NSW. The Commissioner's main role is to administer and enforce point to point transport law, including safety standards for the industry.

The Commissioner works with the point to point transport industry to ensure they have the knowledge and capability to implement systems for managing safety; focusing particularly on compliance through education and information, and undertaking advisory, audit and enforcement activities.

For more information see the Point to Point Transport Commissioner’s website.

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