You don’t need to shake it off –Point to Point Transport Commissioner wants to make sure you get a fair fare


Tens of thousands of Taylor Swift fans are set to attend the highly anticipated Eras Tour this weekend, spanning four consecutive nights from Friday through to Monday.

While most Swifties will be taking advantage of free and additional public transport services, for those catching a rideshare or taxi, Point to Point Transport Commissioner Anthony Wing wants to make sure every ride is a safe ride.

Getting you home safe and sound.

When catching a rideshare (such as Uber, DiDi or Ola) or taxi, here are some simple tips you should follow:

  • Match the car registration details to your booking;
  • Check the driver’s name and photo;
  • Never accept a ride from somebody claiming to be a driver who approaches you off the street;
  • Use the service provider’s in app safety features;
  • Let a friend or family member know you are on your way; and
  • Always wait for your ride in a well-lit area.

Where should you catch your getaway car?

A dedicated drop off zone for rideshare passengers will be located along Australia Avenue opposite the P6 car park. The pick-up zone is in the P6 car park off Australia Avenue, entry via Bennelong Parkway and Murray Rose Avenue, with free entry after 10:30pm. Taxi ranks are located on Herb Elliott Avenue near Park Street.

An accessible pick up and drop off zone will be located along Dawn Fraser Avenue, access from Edwin Flack Avenue only.

Making sure you get a fair fare

Safety is the Commissioner’s priority, and over the four Taylor Swift concerts his compliance team of Authorised Officers will be out in force to ensure rideshare, hire vehicle and taxi drivers are doing the right thing.

Commissioner Wing also reminds the taxi industry there is no place for drivers who choose not to use the meter, overcharge or refuse a trip if the passenger is going a short distance or doesn’t agree to a fixed fare when providing a rank or hail trip.

“I want those minority of drivers choosing to do the wrong thing to know that at any time it could be one of my officers in their vehicle,” Mr Wing said.

Swifties who have hailed a taxi or caught a taxi at the rank and believe they have been overcharged, the driver did not use the meter, or the trip was refused should speak now and contact the Commissioner’s Taxi Fare Hotline on 1800 500 410. Make sure you note your taxi’s number plate so the Hotline team can contact the correct service provider to address your issue.


Background on the Point to Point Transport Commissioner

The Commissioner is the independent regulator for taxis, hire vehicles and rideshare, in NSW. The Commissioner's main role is to administer and enforce point to point transport law, including safety standards for the industry

The Commissioner works with the point to point transport industry to ensure they have the knowledge and capability to implement systems for managing safety; focusing particularly on compliance through education and information, and undertaking advisory, audit and enforcement activities.

For more information see the Point to Point Transport Commissioner’s website.

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